Monday, May 3, 2010

Why i do things i do.

i had something witty to put here, then it changed to something deep and heartfelt, and now its put me into a depression...

God i love my own mind sometimes...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

music, another absurdity

I have a lot of music
I have a lot of records, cassette tapes, cd's, and even an 8-track or two.
But on my computer, i have compiles 17(!!!!)DAYS of continuous music...
i think i like music alot. i have listend to most of it as well. and if not all of it there are usualy tracks or two of each album that i have listened to. soundtracks,musicals, hit albums from many different genres and times, country rap rockhip-jazz crunck classical mixes indy EVERYTHING!

i pretty ssure it would drive people to madness listening to it all.

Facebook Obsession

5 hours...
Why do i spend 5 hourse on facebook?
There is no reason for me to spend such a large amount of time on a silly social network.
A social network on wich i have over 650 friends...
Silly games absorb my attention, while chatting with people i could just call. It is absurd, but i do it anyways!
it is an addiction, and an obsession.
do not fall prey to such things, for they hold nothing but yourself.

Haiku's... why do i like them?

A few weeks ago my friend asked for a poem. In ten seconds i had composed a haiku telling him i refuse to do so, therefore deafeating myself.
I then proceded to spend the entire week speaking to him in nothing but haikus.

Nathaniel shuler,
I find your hate of haikus,
Distatstful and wrong.

He refused to talk to me after a while, but i enjoyed that week so much! it was a mental exercise, that strained the most elemental portion of human comunication, speach!
I had to actually calculate what i was saying very carefully before saying it, and it was such a rush!

i sugest trying it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Favorite places - The Mud House

I've decided that it might be neat if once a week i post about one of my favorite places around the area, and since i'm there while typing this, this weeks place is The Mud House!

The low lighting and, during the day, the natural lighting coming in from the front wall of windows, immediately sets the mood.

It's subdued, you don't have to squint its so dark, you have fun light fixtures everywhere, from standing lamps, to hanging bar lights, to glass wall-hangings with back lighting.
It's a very chill place!

the coffee drinks are great! i recommend the Elvis or the tiger spice chai. Theres a huge selection of tea, made fresh as soon as you hand the fresh jars of the tea to your server, as well as a menu of light items for a wonderful lunch! there have been many hours clocked here, with many different friends and many different moods.

So my perfect time at the mud house? sitting in one of the recliners, an elvis on the table, a sandwich in my mouth, and friends to talk with!
One of life's many pleasures!

Monday, April 12, 2010

And now for something completely different

I was at work, dreadfully bored, and when such things happen i get artsy, and in this instance i wrote a bit of poetry. i started with a lyric in a song by cole porter(it was stuck in my head),the first and last phrase.

"In the Still of the Night"

In the still of the night,
As i gaze from my window,

I study the solemn silence,
And i ponder on problems.
I fret on misfortune,
I investigate insanity

I gander at grief and wonder at woes

Yet gladness glides by them,
Enjoyment exalts!
Joy jolts by the gloom,
Even as dreams distract.

Hope hinders the chaos and calm creates comfort

In the still of the night,
As i gaze from my window

meh. it helped keep my mind occupied.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stick World

Can a square person really be accepted in a world of circles? I see them holding hands upraises as if they are happy. There are no faces. just the people. I think we are well on our way to being able to live in a circle filled world with squares around us. But if we are do the square people become circles? And the circles who rejected the squares initially become what they rejected themselves? I disproved my own hope. No matter who is accepted the ideals of who we are and others are change.

We are all circles and we all have the squares in our lives. But we are also the squares in someone else's life. We cannot have harmony because there is always opposition if harmony overcomes the discord. Thus the harmony is ruined because it has made conflict and discord remains. But discord can be beautiful as well. All it takes is balance.

W do we balance? That is the question.We balance ourselves, hoping others do the same, and we can exist together.